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2020 Live Workshops 

Family Communication During a Disaster
Building Resilience - Emergency Preparedness & Urban Survival

March  28 & 29 , 2020, Guelph Ontario

•Creating family & community communication plans for when phones go down.
•Cutting through the overwhelm of possibilities by conducting an accurate hazard and risk assessment for your home, work, region, etc.
•Learn about storing, collecting and purifying water if your municipal system stops flowing or is contaminated.
•Learn best practices for surviving different types of disasters and emergencies.
•Learn strategies for, and how to, store and cook food during longer-term emergencies.
•Learn how to use essential emergency gear and what to have in your kits
•Develop a family/community plan for a changing world and climate!

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2020 Online Training & Webinars

Survive The Storm
Survive the Storms - How To Keep Your Family Safe In 2020 

An online emergency & disaster preparedness training  set-up like a mock disaster role playing game. Be confident and develop peace of mind that you have the knowledge, plans & skills to keep your family safe when a unexpected disaster strikes. This short, practical, and fun course will walk you step by step through the most important preparedness steps as you "Survive The Storm of the Century". 

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More classes & trainings coming soon for 2020...

Consulting & Teaching Services

Changing World founder Chris Gilmour has been running workshops and doing public speaking events for the past ten years in a range of topics. He has taught for a host of organizations such as Sir Sanford Fleming College, Emergency Management & Training Inc, Ganaraska Conservation Authority, the p.i.n.e. project, Sticks & Stones Wilderness School, Earth Tracks Outdoors School, privately organized community events and more.

Chris is available to run customized workshops and training for your community or organization as well as speak at events of 50 people or more.

Our flagship workshop is “Building Resiliency: Emergency & Disaster Preparedness for Individuals, Families & Communities.”  The content of this workshop can be altered to meet the unique needs of your group or community. 

Other topics available for custom workshops include:

* Introduction to Wilderness Survival

* Urban Survival Tactics

* Advanced Wilderness Survival & Bushcraft (many potential topics)

* Wilderness Travel, Safety & Awareness

* Wildlife Tracking

* Introduction to Bird Studies & Interpretive Bird Language

* Survival Trapping & Hunting Techniques

* Leadership Development & Team Building

* and more.

“It was Chris’s passion for what he speaks about that pulled me in and kept me coming back. His personal stories of hunting, foraging, and survivalist adventures, were woven seamlessly into his teachings in ways that made everything seem possible. His questioning style brought me to my own conclusions and taught me to look for answers in nature…” – Anna Kiiskinen