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Table of Contents - Summary of Resources

  • Challenge & Opportunity - Creating A New Story & Social Responsibility
  • Video - 3 Pandemic Actions to Take Right Now! (that many people are not talking about)
  • FREE - Pandemic Preparedness Email Series (with instructional videos)
  • Pandemic Safety 101 - Going Out into Public, Reduce Your Risk & Keep Your Family Safe
  • General Covid-19 Information & Educational Resources
  • Support for Anxiety & Fear 
  • Making Money in A Recession - Creating New Income Streams
  • Home Health Care
  • Thinking Long-Term & Next Steps
    • Growing Food & Survival Gardening
    • Learning Useful New Skills
  • Good News & Innovative Solutions

Challenge, Opportunity - Creating A New Story!

What a time to be alive in this world. I'd like to start by acknowledging everything this is for everyone. The fears, the courage, the quiet time, the chaotic time, laughing, crying, reflection, slowing down, new possibilities and new worries about the unknown. 

There are great challenges and simultaneously great opportunities in what is happening right now.

The challenges are real, so is the suffering for many. Yet suffering was there before this global crisis, and there is opportunity in creating space for new possibilities. 

This crisis is simultaneously showing how quickly people can come together and what amazing response systems we,  while also exposing how fragile much of our global infrastructure is, how quickly it can become overwhelmed, and how underprepared many people and institutions are. 

What new story for ourselves, humanity, and the earth do we want to create in this upheaval of the old normal?

We have no choice but to face Covid-19. Let's use it as a wake up call to design our lives and communities to be more resilient, more prepared for the realities of our changing world, and better places to raise our children in. 

That is what Changing World is all about. Being socially & environmentally responsible, while being prepared, adaptable, resilient, and the best humans we can be!



Pandemic Safety 101 - Going Out into Public, Reduce Your Risk & Keep Your Family Safe

A lot of people have been expressing how uneasy they feel navigating public spaces for work and essential tasks such as grocery shopping. They are also wondering what to do when they arrive back home.

Below are some of the top resources we have come across to help you navigate this new reality. 

Here are a series of videos we have found helpful around public safety tips and tricks:


We have noticed a lot of people wearing masks in public but not using them properly. Did you know you can increase your risk of infection by not using a mask properly?

If wearing a mask, do not touch it AT ALL once it is on. If your hands have been contaminated and you touch your mask, you now just contaminated something right beside your mouth. 

Check out this video tutorial. Watch it until the end to see how to take one off properly. 

Building a Travel Hygiene Kit

How do you keep your hands clean when out doing errands? And what if you do not have any hand sanitizer or your stash is getting low?

In this video we share our travel hand wash stations for your car or back pack. 

Techniques for Navigating Public Spaces Safely

When a Doctor goes into a room to treat someone who is contagious they have a specific system for what they do to prepare, how the behave around the patient, and how they clean up afterwards.

Do you have a similar system for Covid-19 and going into higher risk areas such as the grocery store or caring for a sick family member?

Upon Returning Home

There appears to be some unknowns about what the risk is of brining the virus into your home on items and clothing and how likely you are to be infected this way.

This is the system we are using to mitigate against risk until more conclusive data comes out on these risks. 

  • General Covid-19 Information & Educational Resources

  • STOP! BEFORE doing any more research...

    There is SO MUCH information right now and many people are obsessively watching the news, latests stats, and monitoring social media. 

    YES. we need to stay informed, BUT...

    What information is helping you be better prepared and keep your family safe?

    And...  What information is stressing you out without helping you be safer in any way? 

    If the information does help you be safer then is it providing value to you?

    Or is it negatively impacting your mental health which directly impacts your immune system and ability to take proactive measures?

    W use the "5W's and an H" as a tool to cut through all those noise to the information that is actually relavent in helping inform my actions and next steps. You can read about this (and listen) to my approach HERE.

    Some of the resources we have been finding useful:

  • Support for Anxiety & Fear

  • Keeping ourselves mentally well is one of the most important components of emergency preparedness. It does not matter what gear we have and how well prepared we are if we start to collapse emotionally. 

    In this section I share a few of my practices along with list of some my favourite resources I have come across on the topic.

    What supports your mental health may not be the same thing that supports mine. If you have good online resources that have supported you in processing your anxiety and fear and think they should be listed here, please email them to

    A Few  Resources I Found Helpful:

    My Personal Mental Health Support Routine:
    • Conducting virtual video conferences with friends to see their faces, share laughs and gratitude. 
    • Taking control of when I allow the randomness of news and social media to impact my mind & focus. I'm NOT looking at these when I first wake-up in or at random times during the day. I schedule these times to check-in so they are at an appropriate times in my day that will not derail my mood and focus for other important tasks. 
    • Sitting quietly outside each morning to reflect on all my blessings and what I am grateful in life and today. Then reminding myself of who I am and what is most important to me in life. This gives me the motivation to face my day. 
    • Designing my days and life so there are times I can tune out and fully relax. This is especially important for me before bed so I get a good sleep. I don't think about problems, challenges or fears with-in one hour of bed time. 
    • Fresh air & breathing deep throughout day. Being this is a respiratory illness, taking deep breaths outside throughout the day and feeling my healthy lungs helps me feel healthy and empowered. 
    • Making time to connect with the ones I love more often than I normally do. 

    - Nutrition, exercise, and more nature time. 

  • Making Money in A Recession - Creating New Income Streams

  • Want help creating a business from scratch or a new income stream?

    One of my business mentors, Pat Flynn, from Smart Passive Income, has some amazing FREE resources to help you get up and started. Even if you don't know anything about business or what to do, he will walk you through the process step-by-step. 

    A Few of My Thoughts...

    The entire global economy felt rocky before the global lock-down started. It certainly seems like we may be entering a longer term recession in the western world. I personal'y know a lot of people who have lost their jobs in the past few weeks and I think it is realistic to expect the streets to be quieter than normal for months to come. 

    I also believe that there is a TON of opportunity to be innovative right now and create new income streams that meet the challenges our world faces. 

    As someone who has been an entrepreneur and self-employed for a decade, I know this can feel daunting, but there is a TON of resources and support out there to help you get started. 

    Here is a very simple formula for generating a business idea:

    Create a list of problems that a lot of people have right now + Identify skill sets and ideas you have that could solve them = Pick the best idea and start asking people what they think and if they would pay for the solution if you created it. 

    Now that may sound overly simplified, but the basic idea is pretty sound and a core business concept. Seriously, check out Pat Flynn's FREE offer to take Smart From Scratch.

    Home Heath Care 

    Coming soon...

    Thinking Long-Term & Next Steps

  • Growing Food & Survival Gardening

  • Coming soon...

    Learning Useful New Skills

    During this crisis we have witnessed how fragile a lot of our modern infrastructure is and how quickly we can loose access to things we have come to rely on. This is a great opportunity to begin to learn new skills that make you more self-reliant and thus more resilient in our quickly changing world. Here are a few re-skilling articles to get you started. .

    Good News & Innovative Solutions

    Coming Soon... Please check back in the next few days.