Professional Consulting & Training Services

Is your organization ready if a disaster or significant emergency strikes?

Have you assessed the potential impact a natural or human-made disaster could have on your staff, clients, and business?

Would your team know how to respond and have you tested your assumptions on how they would do?

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

“Guelph Outdoors School has hosted Chris many times for training on effective staff teams, emergency preparedness planning, and establishing ourselves as leaders in our field. He offers a common sense approach to strategy and planning, making sure to highlight key principles applicable to the infinite possibilities on the ground! ”

* Chris Green, Executive Director, Guelph Outdoors School

Every year businesses around the globe are caught off guard by unanticipated emergencies and disasters. From an unexpected extreme weather event such as a tornado to an economically debilitating rumours in the media, these events happen, and they can cause businesses to go under and lives to be lost.

What are your needs? We provide emergency preparedness consulting and training in:

– Emergency & disaster exercises of any size. From tabletop to full scale.

– Staff training in emergency & disaster prevention, mitigation, response & recovery.

-Writing and audits of emergency plans, policies & procedure.

– Crisis communications planning and training.

– Hazard Identification & Risk Assessments (HIRA).

– Urban and wilderness survival workshops & outdoor field skills.

– Grassroots community planning and organization.

What is your industry? We have experience working with:

Summer Camps & Wilderness Outfitters

– Chris has 20 years of experience working with summer camps and wilderness outfitters where he has been a first responder to many real incidents in the field. He has written organizational emergency policies and procedures and conducted emergency preparedness training workshops specific for summer camps.

Communities, Organizations, Religious Groups & Not-For-Profits

– Custom training and consulting are available to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Governments, NGO’s & Private Businesses

-In conjunction with Emergency Management & Training Inc, Chris has conducted exercises and training for various levels of government and the private sector. We have access to a robust team of emergency responders and industry experts to meet your specific needs.